The Noundles Story

Noundles is a community-led PFP collection inspired by Nouns DAO with a little smoothed out funk. Supported by a die-hard community, committed leadership, and shared voting power across holders, our mission is to champion all things different and build a more inclusive space for those looking for a place to belong.

Part One: Genesis

The Noundles Story began where all good stories begin, with a great idea. What happens when you take the public domain art from Web3 innovators NounsDAO, and mix it up with a little bit of smoothed out funk? Early glimpses of Noundles began to circulate in October 2021, just a couple of weeks after the Doodles NFT project dropped with a splash. Inspiration from the Doodles community propelled the project forward - Noundles hoped to bridge the NounsDAO and Doodles communities, and extend new modes of collaboration out across the NFT space.

Noundles was originally proposed as a PFP collection that generated daily $rainbows tokens for access to something called “The Noundle Grail” - it was all very mysterious and new, and excitement was building.

Original founders, [REDACTED], minted their project in November to great acclaim. People loved the Noundles. A 0.04 ETH mint price rose to a 0.33 ETH floor within a week. The enthusiasm was palpable and the Noundles were feeling both smoothed out and funky.

A surprise update from [REDACTED] generated new excitement and attention from other corners of the NFT space - the Noundles that were minted would now play a role in a P2E game, similar to others that were riding waves to the top. Another collection was going to drop, and these would add new dynamics to the accumulation of $rainbows. Things were starting to get complicated, but in a good way?

Part Two: Game Theory

The new collection minted, and the game was ready to launch. The energy was bubbling, and Noundles were flying, soaring to a high of 0.935 ETH as the project rode into Thanksgiving.

Everything was lining up perfectly, until suddenly it wasn't.

Hours before the game was set to drop, the original team of [REDACTED] were notified of a bug that would have damaged the game instantly upon release. An emergency brake was thrown. The bug had to be fixed.

And panic ensued.

For a week, [REDACTED] attempted to patch the bug and solve an array of new problems, while the Noundles community clamored for updates and answers. The absence of any direction from [REDACTED] led to a massive drop in confidence, and just as quickly as Noundles rose it began to fall.

[REDACTED] returned, explained the problem, and informed the Discord community that in order for the game to work, a mass migration would have to occur to bring the new collection over to a different contract. There were explanations, promises, and descriptions of a new vision. There was a whole lot of talk, and it all seemed to sort of make sense? Then [REDACTED] injected 44 ETH from the Community Wallet into the liquidity pool for $rainbows, and it all evaporated within a matter of minutes. What was happening?

Part Three: Migration

Things were not going well. The community was in turmoil, the game stalled out, and [REDACTED] was floundering. What was the plan? Where was the leadership? The fate of the project looked dim, and yet many did not give up. Many wanted to believe that the path back to earlier heights was within sight, that the devs would do something. However, an alarm went out through the community as suspicious activity had been identified coming from some of the project wallets - large amounts of money were transferred mysteriously to hidden sources, and it appeared that perhaps there was something more malicious at play. The outrage was severe.

People loved their Noundles too much to let them meet a ruinous demise at the hands of a derelict project team. A couple of community mods (@cappy and @EltonPenguin), and the dev (@wkm) who had originally identified the bug in the game, were beginning to generate a plan that at the time seemed, perhaps, too crazy to work - could the community take Noundles over?

During this time, multiple group chats and private discords sprang up within the community as answers were sought and plans were hatched. The original team had lost all confidence and good will from the community, so ultimately the community took control of its fate. The Noundles community pushed [REDACTED] to accept the terms of a community-wide vote via, the results of which would replace the original team with a new team of trusted and proven leaders derived from the community. The vote was decisive, [REDACTED] had to go.

Part Four: The Reboundles

The Transition Team of cappy, EltonPenguin, and wkm worked with [REDACTED] on the terms of the takeover. The agreement transferred control of all Noundles assets, a 200+ ETH Community Wallet, and the Doodle that [REDACTED] had used to enter the holder areas on the Doodles server. With new organization and new focus, the new leadership team for Noundles embarked upon THE REBOUNDLES.

The key goals of The Reboundles were manifold:

  • Ensure the security of the Noundles community through transparency and clear communication. All funds would be protected under the control of two five-person multisignature wallets, managed by individuals selected from the community for their skills and expertise.
  • Continue to grow a community that is collaborative and inclusive.
  • Establish a clear roadmap for success with deliverable objectives: the Reboundles would build on what had the potential to work, and retool what had failed.
  • Provide real utility for the $rainbows tokens, which Noundles generate automatically every day.
  • Reimagine game functionality for Noundles and design new and innovative NFT gaming experiences.
  • Get the Noundles' swagger back.

Noundles Forever

Noundles has been busy! We worked with Vayner Media on a Bud Light launch & Super Bowl advertisement featuring Noundles.

We also helped to launch The Nouncil: a first of its kind CC0 governing body of Nouns derivatives.

Noundles is repositioned and primed to take off once again. The journey to this point has been turbulent, but the Noundles remain unfunkwithable. We hope you join us!