Our Mission

Noundles is a community-led PFP collection inspired by Nouns with a twist of smoothed out funk. We aspire to make NFTs more collaborative, innovative and transparent through the power of the $RAINBOW.

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Genesis Noundles
The Game

The Game

Noundles is a PvE game played on the Ethereum blockchain. Every day, Noundles earn 4 $RAINBOWS and Frendles earn 2 $RAINBOWS. Ruggles earn their keep by stealing $RAINBOWS from the Noundles community.

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Rainbow Shop

Noundle holders automatically earn rainbows as part of our innovative, gasless staking technology. No expensive staking and unstaking - just automatic rewards for owning a Noundle, Frendle or Ruggle!

$RAINBOWS are your ticket to the Rainbow Shop, where you can purchase desirable NFTs from other collections, secure coveted whitelist spots to upcoming projects, buy personalized Noundles merchandise and more! 75% of Noundles royalties fund the Rainbow Shop and keep the shelves stocked for you to go on your shopping spree.

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