Noundles is the most successful NFT project in the Nouns DAO ecosystem, with over 4,000 ETH ($15M) in sales across three collections. We’re on a mission to entertain & inspire people around the world through the power of collaboration, innovation and transparency.

Noundles has a long tradition of being an innovator in Web3. We are a pioneer in the Web3 PvE space, launching one of the first NFT PvE games in November 2021 alongside Wolf Game and Feudalz. Noundles invented the whitelist marketplace, giving users the ability to win access to up-and-coming projects by bidding on them with Noundles’ token, the $RAINBOW. We helped to launch The Nouncil: a first of its kind CC0 governing body of Nouns derivatives. Noundles also invented passive staking, which is the ability for holders to earn rewards for holding an NFT without having to transfer it to a staking contract.

Being in the Nouns ecosystem has also given Noundles access to marketing done by the Nouns project. Never was this more acute than in Super Bowl LVI, when the iconic Nouns glasses appeared in a Budweiser ad promoting Bud Light NEXT. Noundles registered over 175 ETH ($470K) in sales in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, appearing on a VaynerMedia Twitter Spaces alongside Gary Vaynerchuk’s team.

The Noundles Rainbow Shop (our whitelist marketplace) has given away 80 ETH ($200K) in prizes to our community, in addition to securing our holders access to numerous valuable allowlists, like Loveless City, ZooVerse, Arcade Land, Beyond Earth, KUMALEON and more. Our first whitelist raffle got 109 Noundles holders access to the Creepz by OVERLORD mint, which reached a peak value of $16,000 per token in January 2021 – creating $1.7M in value for our holders.

Over this time we have become insanely good at the mechanics of running an NFT project. We’ve launched a complete overhaul of our website, rewritten our contracts from the ground up and cultivated a community of loyal and devoted holders. We’ve seen so many projects launch without a creative vision or voice, often with generic art from websites like Fiverr. These cash grabs tarnish the NFT space, bringing down the ceiling for all projects. Noundles wants to amplify the voices of the good artists. We believe we can help them find their users and launch successful NFT collections.