Otherdeed for Otherside #54955

Otherdeed for Otherside #54955

Make sure you have your spot with the Bored Apes on the Otherside!

The Rules

  1. This will be a Bounty Hunters raffle: the only way to win is to buy and stake from our collections.

  2. Any Noundle, Ruggle or Frendle you buy and stake will earn you bonus tickets: 100 tickets for each Frendle, 350 tickets for each Noundle and 350 tickets for each Ruggle

  3. We will apply a 10% daily bonus for each day staked, which means if you buy & stake an Frendle on the first day, you'll get 345 tickets instead of 100!

  4. This raffle will be open to all Noundles, Frendles and Ruggles holders.

  5. This raffle will be open for 13 days.

You can't buy tickets for this raffle, see the rules for more details.